Tools can upgrade/repair

i think it would be cool if you can use tools like the hammer and the saw to repair wooden structures like barricades, and what would be also cool if you could reinforce (upgrade) the wooden structures by using a hammer and some nails


I agree, I want to fix up my buildings in semi auto with the help of a nailgun


I would like it if you had to put materials into it to fix it what I mean is like pine walls now instead of just now I saw it back together or hammer you need to get so many logs or nails to fix it all back to normal. Some mods do have it I know farming expansion (link below) uses a Hammer for crafting certain recipes.

Also could you elaborate on what you mean by reinforcing with a hammer and nails do you mean like barricading the windows or something?

it would be really great if this was added in 4.0

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