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Im not saying Females is bad at computers but im on a Programming Education and theres 0 Girls 57 Guys, 2 we are unsure off and 1 we call Jesus also theres none Female gamers in unturned 3 and the FBI most wanted Cyper Criminels GOT 0 GIRLS only guys with long hair called Lenny out of 69 people. But if a man knocks on a olds man door and the next day he knocks on the same door and a young woman opens the door. what is the chance of the guy living down the road with 19 cats and a beaver who just ran away with the mailmans wifes who got a kid but still is a virgin after 20 years of marrage even tho he been struggeling with some moms spagetti has lost his family to a tiger But actually is a Female Gamer who goes under the name Nielson Sexton?!

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Why are you posting so frequently? Are you trying to get regular? If so that’s not how it works. Also this is not even remotely funny.


I dont know why you always are so toxic. Im trying to talk with the community and have a bit og fun. If you are going to be toxic every damn time i post i suggest you leave my Posts alone or keep a distance.

Please re read your post. Random does not equal funny.


I had fun writing it and its a mind twister. If you dont enjoy my content or what i does then LEAVE ME ALONE

All i does is to try making a community where theres space for everybody so pleace leave me alone.

>Post gibberish on forum
>Get reply asking why you felt the need to post gibberish



Litterly every time i see Cryptogram on this forum its ALWAYS negative and it dosnt damage just be a little positive / Optimistic

In most cases he ain’t wrong tho.


So I reacted with :man_facepalming:

And the

Was because I genuinely don’t believe Pewdiepie would even bother with Unturned. Its barely changed since he last played it and he doesn’t really play survival games like Unturned. I don’t see how either of these are me not being positive.

B b but you disagreed t t tho

these are worse than my shitposts


Damn bro, pretty sure YTA



completely agree

he’s not being toxic, he’s voicing an opinion

which is fine

you wouldn’t know what OG is on this forum since you joined 10 days ago

classic fuckoff reply

there is
its called reset Era
where all the cat ladies hang out


No girl wants to play games with a bunch of squeakers and autists. That’s why I’ve literally only seen one female while playing Unturned @SnaXD. Also, speaking from experience here, the girls at my high school two years ago didn’t care for video games. Girls generally aren’t interested in things like shooting virtual zombies or building virtual buildings. There are exceptions of course, but the general rule isn’t invalidated by a few exceptions.

Also, I have a feeling that SnaXD is either attempting a dumpster fire of a joke, or is trying to push a political agenda. I mostly lean towards the former being true.

nani, what kind of witchcraft is this



This is a public forum, we have the right to collectively decide what is and isn’t quality content and if it belongs on the forums or not. JJBA meme threads are okay in the community’s eyes and aren’t constantly shut down, but a blatant shitpost like this where it’s obvious you’re trying to spam posts and comments to get Regular isn’t okay and hasn’t been since the forums 1st opened.

If there’s not space for low quality, completely off topic posts, it’s probably for good reason. This forum isn’t a community or space for everyone so maybe go find somewhere else that’s a bit more suitable for what you’re looking for.


well if he’s saying “oO i WaNT a SPaCe fOr evEryOne” then he’s probably being some annoying leftist advocating for a safe space


Lots of (((Girls))) here