Towns be bigger

well do you think towns should be bigger


I think it depends on the setting. There certainly are some areas where towns are as small and disparate as in Unturned, while in other areas, there is a seemingly endless sprawl of suburbs.

I wish some maps could just be one city, like New York City. If you try to do a big area all the large cities always end up being disappointing because not enough time or space could be spent on them, so I just want a city as a map.

I actually hope there wont be many towns. Maybe having a few camps or just small villages. Having so many big towns like in 3.0 gives you all you need to survive, you don’t really need to farm, hunt, or craft makeshift items, which removes (imo) most of the survival feel to the game.


Some suggestions for more buildings:

More industrial, cubicle-filled skyscrapers
Larger suburbs and residential areas
More sewer systems like Berlin and Moscow’s Subway
More zombies in these places!

Having more zombies I think would fix this, and maybe make the zombies follow you farther? They always quit running after you so soon.

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