This will just be a short and simple post.

Basically, if it’s raining, and you drive through dirt, it will leave tracks there for a long time, if you drive in fort after its rained, then drive on the road, there will be mid tracks for a while, if you drive in sand, the tracks will stay for a short while then slowly disappear.

You get the gist of it

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I think if you drive thru tracks repeatedly they should eventually become permanent, or every time you drive over tracks, the track-go-away-timer resets

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Mostly this is talking about temporary tracks. I could make a post about something like that. … Later

I like your idea though

Wouldn’t the rain ruin the tracks?

At least if it rains for an extended period of time.

They get more shallow and harder to see, but they mostly just fill up with water.

they should stay for about 30 mins, I think.

I love it.


Is this idea just for car tracks or it could apply to the tracks made by players,zombies,animals or npc?

Could apply to entities as well. I guess.

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