Trailer homes

Would trailer homes be a good idea. Basically a mobile home with bed and storage inside.


Yeah, as long as you can only move them by vehicle.

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Yeah, as long as you can only put content in your post.

4 years after the infection, The coalition sets up a whole new home in Ohio for the refugees.

Jokes aside, I think that would be a good feature for a portable place to stay in and a place where people can place their food in when they are going out.

sometimes the simple posts are the best


Yeah, many long posts I’ve read are pretty hard to read for some reason and always seem super disjointed.

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All he said was, “Mobile homes?” I mean,bhe could have gone into multiple types, etc.

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yeah but its kinda obvious what he meant. basically he meant a camping trailer. And we could list types of those for hours

so theoretically I could write write, “why don’t we add gloves to the game” (ik they are, its just an example), and that would be satisfying?

yes. I would be satisfied with that. you could add what they do, which he did, as well.

Ready Player One?

Yes, it’s from Ready Player One.

thats from Ready Player One lol

–We know.

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