So I thought this might be a little interesting system for Unturned II, and this was inspired by the likes of Payday 2 and Oxygen Not Included. Essentially, what this mechanic would allow is for players to create more specialized classes.

Traits would be selectable in th character creation menu, and would be divided into both positive and negative ones. By default, each character would be able to have two positive starting traits, however with each additional positive trait the character must would be randomly assigned a negative one, maxing out at six total traits (4 positive, 2 negative); and with three different types: Passive, which increases a stat or the rate at which it regenerates; Active, which enhances an existing mechanic, such as walking much more quietly and natural night vision, and Ability, which unlocks an ability such as dual-wielding.

An example of a positive trait would be Akimbo, which allows the player to duel-wield one-handed weapons, or Eagle Eye, which allows the player to see another player’s name, reputatiion, etc; through the use of binoculars or a scope.

I have no idea about negative traits, possibly ones that increase the player’s chance to get sick, colorblindness, etc?


If this was permanent it would be really really annoying because you could just be assigned a suboptimal trait right from the get go and always have a disadvantage, but if it was rechosen on death people would just suicide until they get the set they want. It seems like a cool idea, (not so sure about ones as game changing as the akimbo example) but i feel like players would abuse it. It could have a day long cool down or something, but what if you die are are just salty with your traits so you stop playing for the day?

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If traits were implemented they should be done similar to Project Zomboid.


This idea definitely sounds interesting. It’d probably be nice to see it in game, or at least as experimental.

it would be very hard to do, cuz negative perks had to be actually crippling ( not shit like " you lose 35% more stamina when swinging weapons " cuz traits like these are free points ) and positive perks had to be good and not OP. so you would need good amount of useful positive traits and good amount of actually crippling negative traits

Inevitably this gives me Don’t Starve Together flashbacks (also from Klei, like the game you’re referring to), which honestly leads me to think that a psychological stat should be applied like in that game, as one of the purposes of characters having traits is that every one has a an “own” custom personality, so there’s advantages and disadvantages accordingly.

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I remember paydays 2 trait system, it was quite fun.

I whould not mind this being implemented, however perhaps when a character achieves a certain exp amount (maybe in a specific skill set) the accosiated buff appears, or just applies continually.

I believe this should be chosen in the character creation menus.

Here are a few negative traits: limp (visual, and slows speed), overweight (larger hitbox), weakened immune system (immunity suffers a 25% maximum capacity, and no immunity related skills are allowed), frail (smaller hitbox, as in skinny, but reduced health pool and weaker melee strikes), illiterate (blueprints disabled/high crafting, all writing is messed up), lethargic (reduced stamina gain, 20% reduced pool, stamina skills less effective).

Positive? Well: 20/20 vision (fog vary slightly less intense, 1.25 zoom on ironscopes/non-zoom scopes, .25 more zoom on scopes), exa.

Thoughts? Additions?

Actually, maybe there could be certain downsides to each trait, like say, if you have eagle eye, you have a less chance to find loot when you search something? And duel welding, you would use more stamina with every weapon, even if you aren’t duel welding. Ect.


Also another nice interpretation.

Like overweight, bigger hitbox, lower damage multiplayer on torso.

Or limp, animation and slower speed, but quieter steps, and maybe lower damage multiplier slightly on legs.


A good alternative to my Skill System Overhaul…interesting

Ooh, traits. Positive and negative traits should be chooseable, otherwise people will create a new character each time until the RNG favors them. Also, each should cost/grant a different amount of points to apply (similar to C:DDA’s character creation) Mine? (these are just examples, probably not going into the game)

Stamina (trained or naturally high stamina)
strong stomach (wont hurl at the sight of excessive gore, is less prone to stomach aches from less-than fresh food)
warm blooded (more comfortable in cooler weather, exhausts quickly in hot weather if dehydrated)
light footed (can run quickly and is less likely to lose footing)

Insomniac (issues falling asleep, low stamina in mornings.)
Lightweight (alcohol and drugs(caffeine and some medicines included) go straight to the head, effects last longer.
strong scented (sweat smells a lot stronger and scent is harder to wash away)
High metabolism (burns through food quicker, gains stamina a bit better)
Jittery (under the influence of caffeine, sugar, etc)

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God help him.

What about traits like RimWorld? (This is maybe a shit Idea.)

i mean, cdda is unironically the best game you could steal mechanics from for your own wannabe survival game.
to add more to the topic, traits are completely flawed concept. 3.0 professions were fine, although most of them were useless

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Idk why, but something tells me this doesn’t suit Unturned.
I mean perks could be fun to play around with, but based on what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound suiting for Unturned. Unless you’re willing to give an example to explain exactly how it works

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There is also the trait system from NEO Scavenger.

+1 PZ did traits right. Also, locking abilities like akimbo behind traits is dumb imo.

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