Transition from 3.x to 4.x

I know, 4.x will be another game, but I hope, the most things from 3.x will return.
Maybe not every weapon, but the most items and vehicles in higher quality. Also I hope, much things (and mechanics) will be added so that 4.x feel more like a big update (with much changes) of 3.x than a new game. I know that the most People don’t like the PvP-focused 3.x, but there are also much other things which should return.

What do you think?

I think you misspelled which.

I’m sorry. I will change it.

No point creating a new game if you want it to be like 3.x.

I mean of course the core features will be added. Game will revolve around survival more, so things like the missile truck won’t return


Exactly what i’ve been trying to tell people.

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4.x is being a standalone game for a reason. So asking for 4.x to be like 3.x is going to be a waste of time and money and effort because the whole reason why Nelson is making 4.x is because he wants it to revolve around the main purpose he made 3.x… to be a survival game. And since 3.x has already taken the road down the PvP canyon, changing the game will piss off everyone. So the best decision would be to make another game with some similar features, but most of the additions and removals will be for the purpose of having a PvE game

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I couldn’t have said it any better

i know how you all feel. but let me explain something, as kylie said “Asking for 4.x to be like 3.x would be a waste of time and money and effort.” but i think there should be sort of like a mix-in. like have a drop down thing that lets you select 4.x as you can classic and antique.

I am unsure of what this post is implying or asking for.


This is completely redundant as 4.0 and 3.0 are completely separate games on Steam altogether. Everything from 3.0 will stay 3.0, and will always be playable as is (inventory, servers and all), while 4.0 will branch off as another independent game, much like a sequel of sorts.

ok. i see what you are saying

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