Translation file is not reflecting properly

I tried displaying the A6 Polaris quest in Japanese. Up to the point of displaying quests from the quest list, Japanese was reflected properly. However, when displayed on the right side of the screen, the quest name disappears. What can I do to display it correctly?

Unturned 2023_03_27 0_18_28
Unturned 2023_03_27 0_18_39

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I am able to recreate the issue you’ve described above. I’ll look into this a little bit further, and make a publicly trackable issue on the Unturned 3.x Community GitHub repository for it.

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Following up on this, I created a GitHub issue here: Fallback font not working for tracked quest name · Issue #3779 · SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community · GitHub

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I see, it was one of the bugs. It’s good to know the cause. I’ll wait until the update is released. Thank you for your prompt response. :grin:

Small follow-up to say that this will be fixed in the next game update, and will be fixed on the preview branch (whenever we put out the next preview version) as well.

This has been fixed with the latest patch for the game.

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