Transparent screen on startup...?

As the title states, upon launching unturned I’m met with a transparent screen.
If run from a shortcut, then I can hear the SDG startup sounds, and then the main menu theme.
If 2 shortcuts are open st the same time, the 2nd one will have a black screen, but no sound.
This is all occurring on the non-battleye version of the game, and I’m not sure why this is happening considering how the game used to work fine.
Nelson, if you’re reading this, please help.

Maybe start using Battleye? Why do you even have Battleye off?

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no battleye = Hacker alert

Not necessarily…

It’s kind of a stereotype that because there’s no discernible reason to turn off Battleye (which has been proven to be a very effective anti-cheat engine), people who turn it off have something to hide. Aka hackers/cheaters/exploiters.

That’s just a stereotype though, but out of curiosity, why do you have it turned off?

I don’t really bother with multiplayer at this point.
That, and my brother is an arse and won’t give me the admin password.

That still doesn’t answer why you have Battleye off in the first place.

I mean, there’s barely any VAC secured servers left at this point, and they’re probably all dead.
Haven’t played since before BattlEye anyways.

Then why are you trying to play Unturned now? There are so many plotholes to your story here.

I got interested in the game again.
Seriously, I assure you I don’t have malicious intentions.

Well the Lord tachanka is a shady character

I’ll probably start using BE and update my C++ Visual Studio, haven’t done that before.
Apparently that’s the fix, we’ll see if it works

Alright, installed BE and the issue still subsists.

I’ve now installed both BattlEye and VC2015, and the issue is sticking.
For context, it’s basically the black screen glitch, although downloading VC2015 should’ve fixed this.