Triangle honeycomb should stop splash damage

This video shows how splash damage goes through triangle honeycomb, making it useless against splash damage: Splash damage example - YouTube

I want to have it be able to stop the splash damage so it’s easier to make a strong base in unturned
this opens more options for base buildings and would save people’s time when grinding for a base.
Rust has a very similar building system to unturned and triangle honeycomb would protect the walls behind it, and you can see countless videos of amazing bases that people build and I think it could be made possible in unturned too.

You’re welcome to leave your thoughts in the replies.


I can agree that explosion damage must not go through player-built structures. But only on structures, not items deployed on the car. Grenades as utility are mostly used to kill players inside barricaded vehicles and it should stay that way.

I saw your issues in github, and it is the first time that I know that triangle honeycomb has this shortcoming, so I should put this picture to help me understand.


That’s a pretty insightful picture right there, i should’ve probably done it when i started it on github

I guess i’ve gotten 2 people in support, nelson told me to make the issue popular on here but i feel like im a governor and i just got a pocket veto from the president, i wish more people would reply on here. Also i do agree with the car structures staying the same, but i also think they should have collison to stop giant death machines that are so unfair to fight against, but be able to craft bulletproof wheels because you can’t really protect your wheels effectively if the plates have collision

bulletproof wheel: wheel+2 metal plates + glue = bulletproof wheel
bullet resistant wheel: wheel+ 6 planks + glue = bullet resistant wheel (wood)
bullet resistant wheel would need 10 shots from any caliber gun to be broken

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I’m sorry if you felt discouraged by that! To clarify, there’s a couple reasons we encourage people to post suggestions publicly.

  1. It’s easier to gauge overall interest in an idea.
  2. For some things, we’re hesitant to make big changes due to how long some things have been around (and how strongly many players feel about X or Y features currently).

We do want to expand on base building even more (including: making bases more useful), so even if we don’t directly acknowledge topics such as these right now, they’re still super useful when we end up working on that part of the game.

That’s how it ends most of the time here. You suggest an idea and get ignored. Best case scenario is when some minor discussion starts, yet still ends up nowhere. It’s been months since bricks finally got a buff, however we are still yet to see brick floors and roofs for some reason…

Official/vanilla content definitely doesn’t change super often right now. Many of our updates last year were for modding/plugin feature requests, which have often required playing on a curated map (or using other community-made content) to actually experience as a normal player.

However: I personally know that Nelson wants to bring more improvements to the vanilla, unmodded game. It’s something that’s been discussed recently – including publicly (e.g. it’s been mentioned on the GitHub repos, Twitter, Steam Announcements, here…).


Where would it be reasonable to post such requests? Not something crazy like a complete overhaul of the skill system, but something reasonable and easily done like brick floors and allowing to put military/ranger suppressors on civilian weapons. Suppressor freaks need something else to play with, not just the makeshift muffler.

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