"Trust Player Movement" option for servers

im not sure how to properly word this, but the idea i have in mind is an option for servers to disable any checks for movement; basically, whatever the client says is correct, is correct. this should effectively remove rubberbanding as the server wont try and resync you with the server, rather the server with you, i guess?

this should also disable the “moved” messages from console.

this will probably open up hackers to exploit movement on servers with this enabled, however that can be up to server owners to ban them, or to have the option on in the first place.
will this break plugins? probably, but it hasnt been tested so why not test now lol
will this possibly lag servers? idk lmao probably but might aswell find out
am i making this way simpler than it probably is? yeah

tldr: add the option to remove any checks the server has for player/vehicle movement, allowing anything the client says about movement to be accepted and overwrite whatever the server is saying.
this is probably a bad idea, thats why im requesting it to be a server config toggle instead of a permanent feature.

this is already an option, iirc itwas smth like misc.dont_enable_this: true,

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Auth physics, yeah

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and how do i enable that

You’ll want to disable auth physics. Not sure if you can, I’d double check the config and available launch options

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It was moved to a command-line flag -ForceTrustClient.

i.e., you add it to your Server.bat now, rather than the Execute.config file that used to be generated for new servers.

EDIT: Changed the category from U3 Discussion to U3 Support, so that this can be marked as the “Solution” since it’s already a feature. If you disagree with this, feel free to unmark this as a solution and/or change the category back.


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