Turned can enter water

It was always a thing, and still is, I played on PEI after France update, and they were still unable to go underwater at the bridge. Maybe there is a devkit pool in France? Or you don’t actually swim in the pond

My input would be making a swimmer zombie (like atom said) and make it so normal turned can’t go on water (or automatically die after drowning).


It’d be nice to see way less underwater building in II. A dedicated Turned mutant that is found in water (preferably deep) would be interesting; I’d more for it to be a fairly nightmarish looking thing, barely humanoid (but just a little bit) for some extra horror factor. I think they could be found at underwater locations where good loot could be found.


Flooded cities?

Probably not, I was thinking more like shipwrecks, underwater research facilities, etc

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But flooded cities are FUN

I don’t really mind if they swim or not but they should be able to enter water to attack players/basis.

About water specific enemy types - I’m not a fan of this because it makes roaming turned less immersive, if I’m being chased by the turned or a hoard and I go into water it would be better for the horde to just chase me in instead of stopping

Also the turned in uii aren’t traditional zombie so I think this suggestion is fair game.

If the Turned aren’t going to be traditional zombies, then what is preventing them from having water specific enemy types?

I don’t think it’d be a good idea for these water enemies to be found in even the smallest amount of water, but in larger bodies of water, such as oceans, lakes, and other deep areas, they should definitely have a presence.

They’re beside the point basically… Do you think a horde should abandon its persuit of a player if the player enters water?

If no then hordes need to enter water.

As it was said , a aquatic turned ( also keep in mind it’s turned and not zombies which makes fishes / mammals like turned possible ) could spawn on some places , however , I don’t think we should make terrestrials turned able to go in water .
Finally , there should be an option to turn off water turned separately from terrestrials turned .
An other solutions for some maps could be sea predators instead of turned .

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