Turned can enter water

I think the turned should be able to enter water to persue players and attack bases in/on the water.

In 3.0 using water to evade zombies made certain areas easy to loot (camps farms etc)

In 4.0 water bases shouldn’t be safe from roaming hordes (and hostile npcs)

General balance so players don’t just build on water all the time to avoid hordes.


zombies cant swim
they dont have the motor skills to swim
all they have is walk, grunt, bleed, and attack


I think that they should be sunken, not swimming. That’s for sure.

What about walking on the bottom, as they can’t swim?

They can already do that in 3.0

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But they stop at the point, where the player starts to swim, unless spawned underwater.

Doesn’t that happen because of the zombie navigation in the level editor ?

No, they stop even if navigation passes that point

I’ve played unturned on Germany and
been in the underwater town and I have never seen that hapen

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Are you talking about Hamburg? They spawn underwater

Isnt there a part of Hamburg that isnt completely underwater?

First off: building on water should be way harder in UII due to proper building physics. Building over it should demand fairly high amount of resources and advanced building techniques, taking in mind the fact that stronger and/or larger structures would logically be even harder to build over water. Underwater building should be even harder (if not impossible).

Now, the turned could pursue you undeewater and walk in the bottom trying to reach you, but they should be substantially slowed down by masses of water and shoud likely get drowned after a couple of minutes. If not, turned could naturally avoid any masses of water they can’t get through without drowning, such as lakes and seas.

Very alternatively, there could be a type of turned that could be adapted to survive underwater, similar to Minecraft’s drowned, with the exception that this turned shouldn’t be able to throw tridents nor anything at you.

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yeah, if you put the navmesh underwter they go underwater, just like they would on land

They should sort of float at the bottom of the water, they will try to grab your feet if you swim over them.

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What about PEI, when they can walk on the bridge, but lose you as soon as you go underwater at the bridge?

because the navmesh is on the bridge…

But na mesh is rectangular, and covers area near the bridge, including underwater deep enough for the player to start swimming

well idk then dude, you probably experienced lag or a bug

Every fucking time in single and multiplayer? You can even exploit it

perhaps they changed it, idk. try it out for yourself in the editor. there’s that camp in the France map with a pond, the zombies can go in the water there