Turrent rotation speed for tanks

I think that tanks need a slower turrent rotation speed. It is strange when a tank can be aimed as fast as a gun. In my opinion, Nelson should somehow alter the speed in which a player can aim the tank. One solution is to aim with arrow keys. Player will be able to look around the tank with their mouse in first person without rotating the turret.


Same i also think moving your head around should be slower, kinda like in PUBG, so you can’t just spin around and shoot the guy

i think that tanks will have to be able to turn on them selves(by pusing the botton A(for left) or D (for right) (the W button will not be pushed) the tank will just turn around him self like in world of tanks)

Yes, tanks do need to have their turret rotation speed nerfed. Nelson could just base it off the World of Tanks and War Thunder system where you can move your aiming reticle at its normal speed but the turret will turn at a reduced speed, reaching the reticle after a few moments (that’s if Nelson wants to keep the turret controls mouse-based).

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I feel like the difference between the game examples listed and Unturned is that you can easily kill the guy piloting the tank cannon. Something to factor in before nerfing it.


@MoltonMontro My suggestion is to make the tank be able to turn 360 degrees and the lid behind the gunner bullet proof.

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I think it should be like how it is in world of tanks like the tank barrel takes some time to move to the area where you are aiming with Ure mouse

I think it shouldd be rotated with the arrow keys, just makes more sense.

That would make sense. The tank being able to turn in a full 360, giving the gunner some armor, but reducing turn speed.

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