Tweaking Inventory and other GUI elements on lower resolutions

Not that i need this myself, i’m playing on 1080p or 1024p at the very least, but we all know that there’s tons of people out there yelling and shouting and making a fuss about optimization. While they’re more of an annoyance than anything, they sort of have a point.

Before i was one of those and i want to say that, the GUI elements, such as tabs in the menu, crafting tab, inventory and so on might use a little tweaking with how they’re positioned. They seem to be locked in place and when you go to lower resolutions, they just tend to do whatever they want and they go out of place, off-screen and so on.

One thing i had in mind was downscaling the size of the inventory slots and the character view screen so they fit nicely and don’t need about 3 scrolls to reach the bottom of your inventory, instead of getting larger slots that go off-screen. This pretty much ruins the experience for players with lower resolutions, big time.
Seems doable, but it’s not up to me to decide.

What do you guys think, regarding this topic ?

Better resolution scaling would be nicer for people with smaller resolutions due to framerate / hardware limitations, but straight-up changing the base UI design to accomodate other people seems a bit unfair to people with higher resolutions. This is even worse for people with higher (above-average) resolutions.

A UI scale slider in the options menu might make the most sense

I don’t think i explained myself correctly.
What i mean by “downscaling” is that when you switch to a lower resolution, the game doesn’t seem to compensate the slot size to fit the screen, instead it acts like it’s zoomed in. I’m not talking about downscaling the UI on every resolution, just for lower resolutions, as games such as Rust and DayZ do, when you go lower, the inventories in those games maintain their look and fit the screen.
I hope this is a better explanaition.

I used to deal with this issue myself in Unturned 2.0
The crafting menu and the skills were on the right side of the inventory. And since I had a low resolution monitor, I could barely see the tip of the crafting tab.

I agree, allowing the inventory slots to change in size based on resolution will help a lot of people stfu about them having low end PC’s