Two food suggestions (Hawaii/Greece)

You may of noticed that Hawaii has some wild mushrooms you can forage in caves and such, and Greece also includes some pretty little olives that you can pick from little trees, may I suggest a cooking recipe for each?

First up, mushrooms, why not make an omelette with these? Just some eggs, roasted mushrooms and cheese, and you’ve got yourself a nice omelette.

Next, we’ve got some olive bread, some wheat with a few olives and you’ve got some olive bread.

I think it’s nice to have some variety with cooking in games, it’s the little things that really add to the game in my opinion. I’ve also made some really quick models in Blender to show off some rough concepts, I made these in around three minutes; so keep in mind that they aren’t meant to be a flawless representation!


bruh these models are garbage why didn’t you make a flawless representation

I think minor things like these would really spice shit up, especially on curated maps.


This is simple yet great!

Mind if I borrow this in one of my concepts on a cooking rework?

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Go ahead! Maybe if this doesn’t get added in we could make a mod or something :stuck_out_tongue:

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Probably Farcry

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