Types Of Pickup Trucks And Modifications

Too add a little realism and diversity to the game,there should be more pickup truck types.I tried to make some models to give you guys some idea on the stuff.

Truck Types

The "Regular Cab"

As the name implies this is the standard truck,it hold 2 seats for the occupants and its pretty basic.Its usually found in the cities side and small towns.

bandicam 2020-02-13 20-56-56-368

The "Extended Cab"

This is similar to the regular cab truck only instead of 2 seats it has 3 and has more storage space than the regular cab.Its usually found in small towns and farms.

bandicam 2020-02-13 20-57-16-095

The "Crew Cab"

I'ts the largest truck you can get,as the name says it holds 4 seats for the whole squad and more storage space than the extended cab variant.Its usually found in the country side and farms.

bandicam 2020-02-13 20-57-06-504

Vehicle Parts and Modifications

Utility light bars and bed caps

Bed caps could be found in mechanic shops,junkyards or from old broken down trucks.
The utility light bar could be found in police/fire stations and construction sites.

Roll Bars And roof lights

The Roll bar could be found in mechanic shop and random garages and the same goes for the roof lights.The roll bar could provide protection in case of accidents.

Snorkel and bed crates

They cold be found in mechanic shops,regular garages and construction sites.
The snorkel its good for passing large bodies of water that otherwise would be nearly impossibile with other vehicles
The crates could be used for aditional storage space

Roof Racks,Off road lights/police spot lights,push bars/grill guards

These modifications could be used for almost all kinds of vehicles. In the example below is a comparison between a suv before and after the modifications:

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Edit no.1

As many people pointed out the extra long bed for the trucks is fixed. Also here are a couple more ideas which i did not add:

The "Super Duty Dually" truck

Its very similar to the 4 door crew cab only its got towing capabilities and more power due the the 4 wheels on the rear,it also comes default with the roof lights.Its usually found in construction/industrial areas and farms.


Not an official SDG reply.

Alternatively – utility racks to convert the back area into more storage (in a similar vein to the idea of replacing seats for storage)?



Ngl the beds of the trucks in the first few images look waaaaaaaay to long. But other than that I like the idea of having different types of trucks


The beds on the truck models look too long I think, like Paladin said. The crew cab/extended cab should make the bed a bit shorter, not just extend the length of the truck.

I made a suggestion a bit like this a while ago, just not with models. Nice work though, looks nice.

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We definitely need mounted guns, or at least a mod of it. Technical trucks would be awesome

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I like the Dozy models, they look very nice to me.
As for the idea of ​​different trucks and customizations like cabin lights or maybe bull bars, I am completely in favor, they allow the player to be more creative and customize their vehicles more.


i wana go muddin

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Yeah i only noticed this mistake when i was done with the models but now its fixed,although some trucks come equipped with long beds as standard,this could very well be a feature.

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I will try to make this,until then you can enjoy this abominations from my dark past


I feel like we are going to get a lot of decent vehicle mods in UII from all of these.

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Yes absolutely,well most of these models i make are for u II or for concept ideas or some sort

I’m working on a little side project that I’m aiming to make in the style of UII right now so I’ll be looking into my own vehicles when I get further into it.

I started working on it yesterday and I set up the road network for the first stage last night. I’ll be using the UII Hatchback and the player model for extra size references since we don’t really have a lot of stuff related to roads or vehicles. First stage of the project will be recreating a simple city from a Roblox game then it’ll progress into making my own city based on what I’ve already done.


How did you managed to get those models for reference,can you download them from somewhere?

Character model and fire station should be here: https://wiki.smartlydressedgames.com/wiki/Modding
Can’t say where I got the car model though.

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That’s all i need thanks a lot!

I raise you one autocannon.

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I tried @RedCo


I say try it using a regular cab truck with a short bed on it.