Types of zombie (gender, size)


In an Apocalypse Zombie several types of people have become, variations and zombies makes sense, if WOMEN ZOMBIES: if unturned II has female avatars there must also be female zombies would only serve to give more realism (unnecessary), MUSCULAR FATS AND ZUMBIES: be larger zombies and larger ones that would cause more damage and need more blows to die, ZOMBIES CHILDREN: They would be zombies about 12 to 15 years old and would be much easier to kill since they are physically weaker. I specified the age because Someone might think that I like to beat 5 year olds … at least not always).


I also hope unturned 2 zombies will have really bad, bloody hair. Also I like the idea of child zombies. Having them fast and nimble, but weaker. He’ll, an extra detail could be a higher pitched scream.



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@Loz_lusterclux expand upon consequences bruv

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The idea is ok. But I’m somewhat concerns more about consequences.

@NuclearPotato “The golden rule.”


Guys I think he actually likes beating kids.


It’s unfair to judge someone for their emotional response to an action that you haven’t taken, but you can still judge them for doing that action itself.


that’d be cool, mega zombies could also look kinda muscular. I like the idea of bloody hair as well


Is there something wrong about beating children?



Depends on how you do it.
With a slipper, a chain, brass knuckles, or the oven


Corpses lose muscle mass when they are dead.


Who said the “zombies” in 4.x have to be (un)dead?


(Speculation time)

I believe there won’t be any visible physical age difference in UII, by this I mean by big amplitude in character height, and maybe voice pitch…?

I don’t know.

But the reason for me to think this is the same for why the GTA series doesn’t have underaged. Because it’s not okay to kill children.

(Speculation Over)

You should’ve specified how they would physically differ from male zombies. If it’s by muscular mass, it’s already interfering with your following suggestion. If even just by a bigger chest, then tbh not gonna complain

I favour this. Right now in 3.0 it seems like there was just some dude who literally gave birth to the entire population. Not that it doesn’t happen…


is there any suggestion as to what they actually are, though? from the notes in 3.0, it only refers to a “virus”. It’s a mystery what the zombies actually are, if they’re reanimated corpses, or actual living creatures that have been infected with the virus in their bloodstream


We’re talking about 4.x zombies, not 3.x zombies. This is Nelson’s current take on 4.x/Unturned II’s zombies:

As you can see, the intent is for the “zombies” to be more like mutations and more organic in structure, likely similar to the Flood from Halo.


How do we even know they will look like the flood. Also, Nelson was talking about DARK ORGANIC GROWTHS ON BUILDINGS./ wall or such alright?

Unless I’m being an idiot, but he never said anything about them looking like the flood from halo.


He never said that specifically nor did I claim that’s exactly what they’ll look like. I was simply giving an example of a type of existing enemy that matches the description of “very dark, organic mutations”.

EDIT: also the card doesn’t say anything about the “dark organic growths” only referring to things on the buildings.


Pretty sure it used to say dark organic growths attached to buildings… Whatever. But still, for all we know, they could look pretty similar to 3s zombies but with slight mutations. . I dunno.


I can assure you the card never has changed, because that would have shown up on the card’s activity.

Regardless, until we have more conclusive information, there’s nothing we can do but speculate anyway. I was just giving my own interpretation of the card.


alright sorry. I just dont like the idea of unturneds zombies changing from this
to something like this

(I dunno if that image is accurate, never really seen the flood in any of the “Halo” games Ive played)


It doesn’t necessarily have to even be that severe of a change. I was considering something more like this

perhaps even to a lesser extent. Obviously, there are going to be lots of liberties taken since the game is so low poly. Perhaps an even more “docile” approach to the whole organic thing would be to take the zombies from The Last of Us into account, with their fungus-like growths and similar.

Also, I fear that this has sort of gotten off topic at this point, but then again, maybe not.