U2 / news?

Over a year, we don’t have any information about U2? Of course, I saw that the forum has already answered that you should not worry.

I’ve been playing unturned for 3 years now, I really like this game. And when I saw that U2 was in development, I was happy.

As the years go by, we’ve gotten blogs and more information… But at one point, we lost touch with the game.

Reading blogs or community blogs, not a word about U2, given that not even half of the game’s audience sits on the forum, this makes me wonder why the developers can not at least one sentence write that U2 is in closed active development?

I am very sorry if the project closes, perhaps it will be transferred to UE5, probably. I want to get an official answer on what to expect this year, and when you already tell in some blog to the majority of the audience so that we do not worry about the game and the ace will be fine.

I understand that a developer may not have the time, energy, and so on, but it would be great if you give the audience at least some information this year, give them what they want to hear, because the community is worried, the community can always lose without realizing it.


wdym free yarrrr

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Yarrrrr was abducted from us, we must free him from the grasp of the SCP foundation run by the Overseer Nelson

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Too bad Nelson is ignoring the Unturned II theme

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I knew it, I heard that he’s captured in the oil rig

@hillzzz U2 is a long ways away.

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