U2 progress

Hey guys, i was wondering if nelson is working on the game.
the trello hasnt been updated in MONTHS


Actually, he’s been working a lot on Unturned 3.0 this months, and in this now days, has been working on the new server rules about monetization.
But i understand for some mails that i have sent to him, that he’s starting to get back in Unturned 2.
His PRIORITY right now its mod support and the feedback that people post on my forum.
Nelson sexton is back

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Me and Taft are waiting for the next Unturned II Devlog. Taft also demands apple pie.

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Relevantly, we also mention this information in the latest blog post.

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at this rate we might get U2 in 2025… nothing wrong with that but i enjoyed the hype while it lasted :frowning:

guess i will see you guys is a few years :slight_smile:


I like how I said we’re getting unturned II in the 2020’s and no one believed me

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I hope the modding capabilities for Unturned II are many times greater than Unturned 3.0

Nah we getting it in 2055 (This is a joke alluding to Sleepy Hallow’s hit single, 2055 that is poking fun at the sluggish development of Unturned 2, which appears to be taking decades to finish.)
((This is the song mentioned in the allusion https://youtu.be/y1xZ_kAhjMc ))

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