U2 release date predictions

When do you think that a playable version of the game coming out whats your predictions? (my Definition of “playable” i mean like 2 maps and a handful of guns.)


2023-2024 in beta


[TRUTH] 2064-2066, around the time the Sino-American War begins and after the European-Middle East War. I’ll have a Pip-Boy before I have Unturned II.
[LIE] An Unturned II survival is right around the corner.
[BARTER 100] I’ll give you 2,500 Caps for an Unturned II survival map to be released ASAP
[SPEECH 50] Not everything has to be perfect, you can work out the kinks later.
[SCIENCE 90] Do you need more coders to help? Might I offer assistance.

[Truth option chosen]


The war between the u.s and China sounds sooner than 2060s. I’d say 2030s.

july 2022 in beta.

Honestly, seeing how this is going… i feel 2023 or 2024 an “PLAYABLE ALPHA”
But if nelson starts doing things right and stopping doing no needed mechanics and trying to implement perfect stuff, then we could get a playable alpha maybe 2022 ending or 2023 beginings.
But who knows…
It would be fun to see nelson doing his own date predictions :smiley:


[SARCASM] Another settlement needs your help. I’ll mark it on your map.


I think the US will be busy fighting itself if it keeps going like it is these last 2 years
(Not an invitation for a political discussion)


Comes out in the year this video takes place https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y1xZ_kAhjMc

It is playable depending on how you define maps and “a handful”

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@Squid idk like 6

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Bro you have way too high expectations from a small indie studio…
Lower your standards or you will be extremely underwhelmed when U2 “releases”


In a year or two is my prediction.

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@squid sorry i ment 6 guns lol miss red maps for guns

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