U3.0 vs Unturned II tree discussion/debate

I want to share my thoughts on the way trees look in Unturned 2 vs Unturned 1 (3.0). As well as see other people’s perspectives and opinions/improvements on the designs of the trees on Unturned.

(Now keep in mind the trees are possibly SUBJECT TO CHANGE in UII. More trees are probably going to be added and I’m sure tree design isn’t too high on the list of things Nelson needs to work on).

                                                                 **For Reference**

Unturned 3.0’s Trees (newer model); a decently well detailed, semi low poly tree design with a thicker trunk and moderate height. The colors pop and mostly fit a flourishing and natural landscape.

Unturned II’s current tree. This tree is much skinner, taller, and contains less foliage. It has a more gloomier and realistic look than previous trees we have seen. The smaller trunk width allows for more dense forests without cluster and clipping.

IRL tree example/reference. Now irl these trees can be mighty thin, but unturned is a lil enlarged y’know? The trees in game should be a little bit bigger, but still fit a realistic scale that fits the games style and semi realism.

OPINION Unturned 3.0’s Trees:
Personally I think Unturned 3.0’s newer model of tree is my favorite and the current best in my opinion. The trees aren’t too skinny and have good detail on the branches. The birch and oak are a good width in their leaves, while pine is thin but not too thin. They are moderately realistic and fit Unturned. However, while I think the shape is good, there is room for improvement and ideas that can be applied to UII. Unturned is a post apocalyptic survival game, the bright colored trees look great but not for all of Unturned’s themes and settings. Some areas are overgrown, some are starving for resources, the trees should have slightly darker colors depending on the surrounding region. A slight color change as well as possibly a color change to fit the grass in more spots would make them fit in the game better. One other critique of mine is that the tree’s leaves are too thick, the trees cant be made into a realistic looking forest without looking like silly string, clipping and clustering. Overall, its a solid tree, it does its job decently well but looks very solid.

Nelson has also stated this for U2: “…I decided to take a more botanical approach to the foliage in 4.0, so that each location can be more accurately distinct. The first two tree types are a Jack Pine and a crowded Latifolia variant of Lodgepole Pine. Small characteristics like the upward tilting branches and spiked cones of the Lodgepole Pine will help set it apart from future Conifers.”

OPINION Unturned II’s Tree:
I feel as if this tree fits a more harsh landscape, a more survival feel. Unlike Unturned 3.0 where it fits a more pretty/bright landscape 24/7, similar to a game like MUCK or Roblox. Its just not as realistic. Now the current Unturned 2 tree has a color that gives a forest you can get lost in, one where any dense tree filled corner has a lurking player or zombie. while the color and density fit, the shape in my opinion is too thin. Everything in Unturned is bigger than normal, has a more semi low poly design that gives a sense of recognition without breaking from real life. But these trees just dont fit the size of Unturned for me and many of my friends. I believe they should be thickened just a smidge, they shouldn’t be just as big as Unturned 3.0’s tree. (Honestly I feel like they should be as or similar to the birch trees girth/style applied to the new pine). But there is definitely a middle ground I think would fit the tree. This tree is great for Unturned 2, but the shape isn’t nearly as appealing as it is in Unturned 3.0. The tree can be improved but is by no means bad, and hoping to see more trees later on.

To add on to the discussion:
-Preferably share what you think looks best/bad and why. Agree? Disagree?
-Share what can be improved and/or changed.
-Tree suggestions? (pls add to the other 2 if you want to say, dont wanna clog up with tree names).

Hope development is treating Nelson well.
(my w key is broken so excuse lower case w if mis-punctuation, copy-pasting).

Tree devlog: Unturned II Devlog #036 – SDG Blog

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I already posted on trees and I agree with most points. For tree depiction, I believe it would be a nice thing if they were depicted to be as similar as they are in real life (same dimensions, unique wood type, etc…), with a similar variety, it’s definitely something that can see improvement.

Yes I saw but I still wanted to go more indepth over design in game with examples on what is currently in game so average players can give more perspective on what they believe looks best. Your post was more abt function over design so i thought this would be different enough

But idk they just look too skinny for me, they just don’t fit to the games dimensions I feel. But I do think more variety in trees and colors would be good.

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