U3 Mapping: Another Project but Insane

I want to see how much decent content I can fill out on an Insane size map before the end of this year. So once again, I am asking for any ideas or suggestions people here may have. Theme, layout, unique concepts/features, and everything else are currently undecided except I’d like to bring in some of the ideas for more detailed roads and bridges that I’ve gathered in the past.


What about different people of the community making locations for the map. With there being style guidelines to keep the locations all same visually and then copy pasting it into the map via a small map
that contains the location.

I’ve heard of an idea to do this with an arena map before but I don’t think it went anywhere. I think a large map would be more appropriate for having each community member do a location. It’ll depend on how many are interested in that approach, but I think a decent chunk of people would want to focus on creating assets and NPCs rather than solely designing locations.

Were you inspired by the other post mentioning Insane-sized maps? 5 months is that much time.

I think its important to figure out early on if you’re just trying to fill out an Insane-sized map with content to see how feasible it is within time constraints, or if you’re just trying to hone your map-making/modding skills and the map is a justification/gateway for doing so.

Good luck with the challenge/experiment!

It may end up being more of a showcase than something intended to be played on a server, at worst I’ll be able to downsize to a map that can still fit everything I have.

Attempt #1 at importing a heightmap has uhhhhhhhhhhh failed. I’ll try to figure out what I just did tomorrow night.

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what has the dog done


Thursday was the last day of an internship I had to do so I’ll have more time to focus on things this week. I fixed that last issue I had so there’s one less problem for me.

I found an old SimCity 4 map tutorial that used pictures of the sky as a base to work from so I tried that and ended up with this:

The heightmap image for this is in grayscale so if I throw it into Unturned it makes the smallest change in elevation around 8 m, a bit too steep for what I want.

I’ll work on buildings and potential layouts before doing anything more with terrain to get a sense of scale to work with. I’m thinking I’ll scale it down a little and extend the edges so that the lake in the top-left will be within the map border.

Unrelated to the terrain, I tried taking away the gun from the vanilla tank’s turret to see if it was possible to do a certain vehicle I wanted. Apparently that breaks a lot of stuff in the game like disabling your weapons if you sit in the seat for that turret.

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Looks nice. I’m actually starting to think that the biggest challenge to developing an insane sized map isn’t spending hours in the editor placing down terrain, but actually spending days debating the loot locations and they’re type.

If you’ve got a clear goal of what you want the map to be gameplay wise, it should be a bit simpler. But otherwise you need to find a group of people to cater the map too. Like Washington’s PvP, Elver’s unique layout, or Buak’s new progression.

I’ve considered making a map of my own, but I don’t know exactly how to maximize it for the communities wants.

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I’m mostly just going for what I want gameplay to be like instead of catering to a specific group. The biggest issue I see will be making the map not feel too empty, balancing loot and difficulty can come once that is figured out.

Depending on how steep and close together the mountains end up being, I can use the passages between them as ways to progress. Chokepoints between sectors of the map would encourage PVP, but I would need to have measures in place to prevent a single group from locking down half of the map’s progression.

In my multiplayer experiences years ago, vehicles tended to be somewhat rare and you had to worry about people blowing them up or removing tires and locking them just to be a nuisance. I don’t need to have anything finished to know that people won’t stick around for long if it takes 30 minutes to walk to a location and get shot. Looking at Kuwait, Arid and Buak, there are at least three approaches to that vehicle problem.

Could also make a map as a showcase or something meant for RP, skip dealing with balance and just make something that looks nice.

Vehicles feel like a very underrated part of Unturned. On some maps they range from being extremely basic and boring like a bicycle on vanilla to being insanely powerful like a helicopter on Arid.

Buak allows people to craft cars and gyrocopters which I think is nice so you won’t have to wait days for a clan’s heli to blow and another to respawn.

Arid and Polaris also made a system of quick transport that people can access in the safezone.

I’m considering having some kind of public transport that can be unlocked and used for a cost. If I go with vehicle crafting I would probably only go with a few makeshift vehicles, it feels odd to be able to throw together a car in perfect condition just from a few parts you found here and there.

I know how to do NPCs but I wouldn’t say I’m very good at writing dialogue for them so I don’t know if there will be a full set of NPCs and quests done with the rest of the map, it may be something that comes later as an addon to finish everything off. If I find time to get to them, it’ll probably just be quests only but they’ll tie into the transport in some way.

It’s a good idea placing transport behind quests so you don’t have a million naked running around every corner of the map. Makeshift vehicles need more attention to in Unturned but they should also be balanced. Something fast and gas efficient and or with large storage and multiple seats so that people have a motive to craft them. But they also need to have very little cover and health so they’re not hard to get rid of.

For your NPCs, are you using the Bowied NPC maker?

I’ve got my own thing for dat files in general, just have a few things missing from it but it’ll help me stay more organized.

Yukon but steeper


How about a Warhammer 40k flagship. A depressing atmosphere, finding a way to make literal space work via the warp and potentially having a full asteroid which would theoretically be filled with orcs.

I could show you the flagships and give you details, the lore surrounding them etc and more in DM’s. Just tell me your discord user when you hit me up.

My discord user is the same as my name here.

An alternative could be one of the large ships, which aren’t space marine flagships. This would allow for your creativity to run wild like having a detachment and display of the Sisters of Battle and a church with facilities for penance and worship that also has some lore implying that it’s connected to a launch system underneath due to how the sisters, in lore, literally use massive cathedrals as drop pods into battle, which are protected by a God Emperor of Mankind which is a “human” who was actually a several meter tall superhuman with the power of a God who is now a literal skeleton, slain by his own son, sitting on a golden throne that takes the lives of 1000 wizards each day to sustain a failing intergalactic communication network which keeps his miserable, polluted, Kafkaesque hellscape of an Empire afloat.

I’m doing bad and rushed map design here, you’ll need to start up your own project if you want a Warhammer server.


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