U3 train glitch

I have recently startet a lan server with three other people on the russia map and we have decided to build our base on a train we have spent hours building it and after closeing and opening the server everithing we built on the back of the train moved to the front of the train

This glitch ruined our train base and I hope there is a way to fix it

It’s called shift F6

I dont understand

You can use this to navigate the window without using your mouse. Shift+F6: Go to the previous pane or frame.

I dont think you understand my problem
Everything that was built was on the wrong place every time I log out and log in

This glitch is even in singleplayer

I answered your question about Shift + f6

All 3 train parts were moved in the same place so I would have to move every part one by one

I dont want to use admin to fix my problem
Im just posting about it because I want nelson to try to fix it