U4 workers

How many people are working on U4? just Nelson?
And if it is only you nelson… why dont you get some employees that will help you.
It will bring us the game faster and you will have less work :slight_smile:

As for now MoltonMontro is the only known other employee of Smarty Dressed Games, but if I’m not mistaking he “only” works with the community aspect, not the game development itself.

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I believe this has been brought up multiple times in the past. If I remember right he doesn’t want other people to get in the way and take the game off the course he wants it to go on.

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I think Nelson has this all under control. I mean he’s really good at making games even when on his own. He was 16 when Unturned was first released. Which is an impressive task considering he was on his own. On top of that, Unturned has been downloaded 30 million times which is also very impressive.

Ok, ok. Nelson is more amazing than I thought.

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