UH-60 Hell's Chopper

UH-60 Black Hawk (orca needs minigun you know?) Thats Isnt realistic. Maybe puttable guns?

You can see this pic. Its black hawk with miniguns. Why nelson didnt added this
If you add
Rareity Mhytical
Can carry 8 players
1000 Health
2 HELL’s furyies with explosive mounted on 2 sided.
60 max speed.
Good idea but I cant make workshop things for show it. (sorry about english)

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  1. Are you sure 4.x is the right topic? I really hope you didnt mean to put it in 4.x
  2. 60mph is really slow for a helicopter in real life and in 3.0
  3. Everything else for this is a no if you are wanting it in 4.x, I dont want to see helicopters with rockets on and 2 turrets on them because its supposedly going to be a survival game.
  4. Nelson didnt add it because its not necessary.

Hmmm… You said true. But realistic you know?

++ This is not unturned :smiley: Its biggest change on my life.

I don’t see why we would need this in a survival focused game

realism shouldn’t be the center of interest

Its just a fun you know? Also how about F16? and MRLS vehicle ( I forget this vehicle name)
12 missiles in 1 vehicle Its little bit op.
But its just a game.

not really a great reason to add something

unturned 4.0 is going to be a different game with an emphasis on survival and those vehicles would probably not return

Hmm… You said true… Thanks about informations.! + Can I ask something? After 4.0 update can unturned be p2p?(SORRY about english)

  1. “4.0” is not an update, it’s an entirely different game called Unturned II.
  2. No. It’ll be a free-to-play game.
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I think 4.0 unturned become 64 bit?

Although I’m unsure if there’s anything currently preventing Nelson from releasing the game in a way that supports 32-bit, the engine he is using (Unreal Engine 4) fully supports exporting a game as 32-bit.

However, although Nelson could likely export the game in 32-bit and 64-bit, it’s possible that the hardware required to run the game would force you to need a 64-bit computer and operating system.


This is the kind of suggestion we need the least right now. We’re at a phase of the game’s development where working on the internal infrastructure and mechanics is the most important, yet you decide to suggest a single specific vehicle to a game that doesn’t even have vehicles implemented yet. On top of that you don’t really tell us a reason why it should be added, you just show a picture and dump some loose (and incredibly poorly balanced) stats that are based on Unturned 3.0 and not even Unturned II.

I’d like to question your logic on this one.

Isn’t the current fighter jet based on the F16 ?

I think he was using the Fighter Jet and MRLS/MLRS as examples of “fun” weapons of destruction already in Unturned 3.

There’s a bit of confusion by op though, as I think this was meant to be suggested for #unturned-3, and they just didn’t realize #unturned-4 is a different game. The MRLS/MLRS is a curated vehicle anyways.

I had 32 bit in the past and I could run 3.0,well,barely at least.
4.0 is gonna be more optimized than 3.0,so I don’t see why ppl with 32 bit computers could have a problem (Well at least a big one)

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Unturned II will be more optimized for people who already had the proper hardware to run the game.

The same cannot be said for people running Unturned (version 3) with outdated hardware, which would include 32-bit systems.

It does not go both ways.

Ok,this was a little bit difficult to understand.

At first:

The game is 3.0 or 4.0?

If somone is running unturned 3.0 with 32 bit and let’s say gets maximum 40fps (At least that was for me in the past).In 4.0 is he gonna get higher or lower fps,if he/she DOES NOT upgrade his/her pc to play 4.0?

Please excuse my poor intelligence :cry:

“The game” was referring to Unturned.

Unturned II (4.0 will feel more optimized for people who are currently playing Unturned (3.0) with the proper hardware.

It’s too early for a reliable assumption to be made about the specifics, and that also depends on the rest of that person’s hardware.

I would assume the game would struggle to launch. 32-bit systems cannot utilize all of the RAM/memory your machine has, and due to Unturned II being a “bigger game,” it’s likely that the limitations of 32-bit may make running the game difficult, similar to how in Unturned (3.0) 32-bit has a hard time with Large-size maps.

Depending on the requirements of Unturned II (4.0), it could potentially give you higher FPS, but that won’t matter if you can’t actually enter any of the map.

If you’re using a 32-bit system, I’d assume that the rest of your hardware is probably old too, but without knowing the specifics of your hardware it’s hard to know for sure. It’s too soon in development for a “recommended specs” or “minimum specs” anyways.

However, 32-bit systems are largely obsolete and deprecated by now. If you don’t upgrade your hardware and operating system for Unturned II (4.0), you’ll have to do it eventually if you want to keep up with modern technology.

EDIT: This is quite off-topic now though. If you have any other questions, maybe send me a private message instead, or make a new thread?

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Well,thanks for the help m8. 4.0 is just another reason I am extremely grateful that I upgraded to 64 bit last summer.

My specs (I know that nobody cares,but I will post them nonetheless.):

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit SP1
GTX 550 ti 1gb GFX card
3gb ram
AMD Phenom II X4 940 3GHz processor

I am currently running Unturned 3.0 at 40-50 fps on Russia (Example of a large map),think I could run 4.0 at at least a playable fps?


I fully understand man,when I had 32 bit,my game was always crashing when I was trying to launch large maps such as Russia (And sometimes it was even crashing when I was normally playing,bad times :cry:).But now that I have 64 bit,all I have to do is turn all of the graphics settings to low when I want to load the map,and turn them back up when I am in the map (This applies to large maps only,just for note).

Such a good decision! Definitely recommend it to all 32 bit users. :blush::blush:

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