UII custom car model (customized hatchback) (not 100% unturned style)

My first attempt at making a vehicle design for UII what do you think?
(Its an customized hatchback)

Its not very detailed because we still don’t know what the vehicle art style will be, how detailed they will be.

Edit: also if anyone knows how to load up an 3d model please tell me cuz I’d like to do that but I don’t know how

second vehicle somewhere down in the comments…


That’s a very nice model for it being your first one! :ok_hand:


Holy shit the Tris.


Cylinders should be between 16 and 6 faces. Chair should just be cube


Looks great,one thing tho try getting rid of some of the polys in some areas like top beams

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Steering wheel and tires are too smooth.



thank you :grin:

Yes I Think I understand, but I accidentally somehow copied 2 of the models on top of eachother and had them connected… soo I don’t really know how to fix that XDD but its a first try so the next one will be cleaner, if i do a next one XD

to that artsryle yes, I’ not sure but I Think that the artstyle of the vehicle is still in progress so that might not be the final artstyle :thinking:
but yes I agree If thats the final artstyle my model is too smooth, but its also my first one and I got some technical issues XD

Looks really good for your first 4.0 style vehicle man, it’s really impresive. What more have you done exept this model? I’m just curious.


thank you :slight_smile: and I have tried to make some different types of unturned characters but when I talked to some of my friends they dont really Think they look like unturned but I will gladly show you :slight_smile:
and I also have made an V6 as my first thing ever on a 3d program

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this would be so much easier to do with a 3d model XDD, also this is my second thing i did on a 3d program :smiley:

I thought he needed and deserved an ass so I gave him one XD

so this is my first attempt of an more detailed unturned character, also my second ever Project on blender :grin:
also I am currently on my laptop and I Think I have the version with a skeleton on my computer so I cant show how this works with a skeleton right now… but if you are interested in seeing that, tell me and I will gladly show you when I can :grin:


gj very epic MR

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not bad at all u should see my firest attempt lol…
about the car looks very good but u can get the same visuals for the tire withe way less poly,s do like @Panda3d sad 8-16 faces should be oky

and id advice u start using v 2.8 u dont whant to get used to current version and switch like i did …


Thank you Magical :burrito:

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Okay I can try XD thanks for your advice


I do not like the character because of the “higher poly” head. Just a bit too much. Keep the mouth and chin. Bulge and legs are weird. The legs are too spread out. And you should get a maya 2018 student license to use the tools Nelson made. Will not cost anything with a student version.


Well its the first model XD and yes I agree the chin is a little wierd but yeh… but the legs are spread bc its so much easier to make the skeleton with them spred :thinking:

Good one, but definitely not an Unturned character :smiley:

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Mabye an more detailed character model :smiley:
Yes I agree XD this one wouldnt fit unturned but Im trying to make an simpeler one which would fit better but would still be more detailed. Cuz I personally would like to see an more detailed unturned character in UII :slight_smile: