UII Inventory and scope bug

Found an bug where you can use Inventory while scoping. To do this bug you have to take any gun and scope or red dot sight. Active your scope or sight and then open Inventory !YOU HAVE TO INTERACT WITH INVENTORY! like just scrolling up and down, then you can release your Mouse 2 or and close Inventory. Now you don’t have to hold to scope, !WHEN USING TIMBERWOLF! You can shoot without holding scope anymore, just shoot and press R and It will automatically scope


Thanks, I was able to recreate this. Just a few minor corrections/notes:*

  • Applies to any gun with any optic, not just the 7.62 Rifle / Large Scope.

  • Being able to shoot without holding down the secondary fire button is a feature (there’s a toggle in the settings menu). See below point:

    • The bug is causing a “toggle” effect for users with the setting on “hold”.

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