UII Vehicle Pack - Porting UII-styled vehicles to 3.0

By me and @CrashLogger, with the inclusion of Nelson’s Hatchback from the UII beta.
Unofficial rainbow hatchback? Each color here is included in the pack.


Well we can’t have UII vehicles without an official UII vehicle. Right?

At some point I decided that it’d be a good idea to include Nelson’s hatchback since that’s what formed the base of this small project, and it would give users a better comparison between official and custom work despite the limited vehicle references currently present.
Molton gave permission to use this one.


I don’t remember exactly how this started but I had a desire to make a vehicle model today. This was my first one ever and I was planning to get into making a few vehicles when UII came out anyway, so I decided to jump into it.

Progress on this one came about by splitting the Hatchback in half and throwing a bed to the rear. Early stages definitely showed this fact but I think it’s a lot better now. The headlights aren’t exactly the same as this generation of the Colorado but that doesn’t matter, it’s a video game and names will likely be placeholders until we come up with something even more generic.


The Passat. Crash witnessed my Colorado, gained inspiration, and asked for my resources so that he could try his hand with a vehicle.

Like the Colorado, this one also used the original Hatchback as a base, although any issues he had with the front would be more fitting since it’s a sedan versus my pickup truck.


First thing about this one, I do not like the way it looks except for the very front which is the best thing about it. Three vehicles wasn’t enough, even with 16 colors, so I looked in SUVs. I think the Flex is fairly unique compared to most vehicles made in the past decade or so which made me choose it. We need diversity instead of vehicles that are essentially copies of each other.

I skipped the Hatchback as the first step and used the Colorado instead for this one since I could quickly slice off the back of the cab and extend the interior. It worked well until I had to fumble around with the rear window. Similar to the Colorado once again, I’m worthless when it comes to working on windshields and the hood so don’t expect too much there.


The Forester is quite a big girl.

I’m not sorry.

This one is more of an offroad-type vehicle than everything else, and it’s much bigger as well. The Forester is the closest we have to a typical SUV and it’s our only vehicle that was made almost entirely from scratch copy/paste wheels are the best.

Once again, diversity. I was gonna make an Expedition but Crash got to the full-on SUV before me so we have this one. I think the roof looks great but the headlights and taillights aren’t the best in my opinion although they’re slowly growing on me.

So here it is, four of our vehicles + UII’s Hatchback. We’ll likely add more vehicles to this every now and then, maybe even in categorized packs. I’m not sure what CrashLogger is going to do next but for me I’ve got a few projects I’ve picked back up on, like my Blender plugin and my commercial set of UII vehicles.

Any suggestions? Let us know below.


Oh cool project, @CravenWarrior

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