UII's Playermodel

The playermodel used in the Devlog 18 video is quite lanky and disproportionately long in some parts. At first I was confused as to why it looked that way to me, because I was in favor of a taller/skinnier model than 3.x’s model, but I think I finally found the issue.

As you can see, the width (and likely the length as well) of the arms are extremely similar, if not the exact same, to the width of the legs. I know that in 2.x and 3.x the appendages were the same width and length as well, but they don’t suffer this problem of looking extremely elongated simply because the model itself is shorter.

My solution would be to increase the size of the legs and torso, but keep the arms at the same width. Maybe squaring off the upper arms and either slightly increasing the width of the upper arms or slightly decreasing the width of the fore arms could also help.

lemme know your thoughts on this, im not entirely sure whether or not im the only one who noticed.


You’re not. The plan has been to make the model less slenderman-y for a couple months now.

Personally, I’d just shorten the arms and keep the legs the same width. Clothing makes the model thicker, so I and I don’t think making the actual chest and legs thicker is necessary.

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honestly i think the hands/feet should also be made clearer somehow. maybe the hands/feet could be slightly smaller then the arms/legs? i’d imagine it’d probably help make the limbs look less strange

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good to know

Just shorten the arms, make them just a little bit thinner and there you go.

Slendermen and the yellow boi


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Back to the old days real quick

I’m almost certain a while ago a post about the 3.0 player model was against 3.0’s large chests and legs, basically big fat bullet dummies for players

And I think I can understand what he means by that. ngl I’d sorta rather have a slender look rather than being a fat meat-shield for my friends.

1 word: P-L-A-C-E-H-O-L-D-E-R

the 3.x Playermodel’s forearms were also fat af and even bigger than the upper arm. The playermodel in 3.x was also shorter which is the reason for its stubbiness

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