Unable to join Discord

I have tried joining the Unturned discord recently and may have messed up. The site was taking a very long time to connect my account with everything it has asked. In the process of trying to restart the system, I deleted the privileges of the discord to my account and can not seem to find a way to allow the privileges to be, once again, activated. Is there another way to allow access for the server in order to officially connect to the discord?


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I really have no idea how to solve this problem, sorry.

Also, you probably should have made this post in some Discord related Forum.

This link may also help you:


why would you even want to join the unturned discord, it’s a cesspool


The site has recently gone under some maintenance to improve stability. If it doesn’t work within the next day or so contact one of the moderators like myself and we’ll help you out

discord support sucks

wrongly banned my oi quackity for nothin

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