Unban from uo

Orpham Guestino#6156. On April 10th, I got banned for posting a mean in UO. Following a previous appeal, i was unbanned for all of two minutes before another message I sent was shown, one that said something along the lines of "The florida book bans were good as some of the lgbtq books depict inappropriate images between children and adults (it wont let me say the certain word) " Its been two months now and my opinion has not changed, or atleast not in the way you’d like. Now with that said, I do realize yall have your own beliefs and agenda however fucked up i believe them to be, so whilst my opinions will never changed over a discord server, i wont speak them or any others beliefs I hold if unbanned. (Yes, I realize its more than likely I wont be unbanned, however I dont know of yall just dont want the beliefs spoken, or rather if you want to be the thought police)

hey so you know that ban appeals are for like, convincing them to unban you, right?


Liwwaly 1984


In a way, it is. They banned me for speaking politics they disagreed with, im saying I wont continue to do so. The only question is, do they have a problem with me speaking my beliefs, or simply having the beliefs to begin with. Also what negative is going to come from it, Im already banned.

IIRC Vextrium was responsible for your original ban, but isn’t currently available. Appeal is denied on their behalf.

This appeal doesn’t seem particularly sincere, and you were banned for bigotry (not politics).