Understanding the Gameplay Config.json

What is the Gameplay Config?

The gameplay config – also called the “advanced gameplay configuration”, “Config.json”, or " Mode_Config_Overrides" – allows for creating custom difficulty settings. It can be used for single-player worlds, multiplayer servers, and community-made maps.

This has been a feature for a long time, but there’s always been a few settings that have never been explained by our official documentation, any game wikis, or community-made Steam guides.

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…are only available to multiplayer servers, such as configuring how the server appears in the server list. These settings are irrelevant for single-player worlds, and are treated as either empty or at their most lenient configuration. For example, anti-cheat is disabled when…

Some examples of useful things?

  1. When an explosion that would have hit a vehicle directly is obstructed by a buildable (e.g., small plates) attached to the vehicle, the vehicle takes significantly less damage. This can be configured per vehicle .DAT, but with the gameplay config you can set an additional multiplier used by all vehicles.

  2. Some weather-related settings may seem identical, but they’re not! The ones you should configure will depend on the map you’re playing on (and how they’ve chosen to implement weather).

  3. When configuring the spawn chances for different zombie types, these work like table weights (e.g., similar to item spawn tables)! The main exception is for normal zombies – which will only spawn if the total table weight is less than 1.

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