Underwater Combat

With unturned 4.x I believe that we should have a more in-depth fighting experience underwater, as it is now if a gun can fit in your secondary slot you can shot it underwater, however, that’s not really how most weapons work, quoting directly from Wikipedia "Because standard bullet ammunition does not work well underwater, a common feature of underwater firearms is that they fire flechettes instead of standard bullets. The barrels of underwater pistols are typically not rifled." This would mean that any firearm built for surface combat would be rather useless underwater, and instead, a few weapons specialized for underwater combat would be your only option for underwater fighting. Meaning if you were in a fight swiming, but above water, it might not be that bad of an idea to headbellow the surface and the reamerge later.

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Underwater combat might slow down your bullets, so that would make it a bit harder. I don’t really know what do i feel about this.

Standard ammunition can still be effective (though it has a drastically shorter effective range) in water. Another important factor in underwater combat is how water effects reliability. Anything from a matchlock to a percussion lock has no possibility of being used underwater or shortly after being submerged. Most firearms are of dubious reliability while submerged or shortly thereafter. Certain firearms of notable reliability will function well even immediately after being submerged. A very small subset of firearms are designed to reliably function underwater.

Hmm okay. Slowing bullets is definitely a start.


I believe crossbows work underwater, and bows fired above are somewhat effective.

(Also massive grenade buff underwater whould be Intresting)

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Also, if you’re a few feet underwater, you’re relatively safe from being shot at since the water slows down bullets quite quickly.

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