Underwear in U2

A simple suggestion,for U2

Underwear,Those Clothes meant to be used in your Private parts…

In Unturned 3.0 whenever we Spawn,we spawn with nothing,absolutely Nothing…
Even if there is nothing to difference between genders,it still being weird that we have nothing on.

I mean,we have clothes on us,most of the day,if we get hit by the apocalypse,we wouldnt want to be naked,getting Cold and having only our hands to “store” things

i`m suggesting something as simple as a white boxer shorts,and if Female characters are being added, White Bra and Panties,I mean something like in Rust

These being not removable as the other clothes

excessive nudity is what makes unturned unturned smh :triumph:


Dear fucking god no. This is an absolutely terrible idea, in fact this is the worst idea I’ve seen suggested thus so far. Congratulations, this is the first game suggestion that makes me want to unironically die.

Do you feel happy, you fucking degenerate.


haha yeah while hes add it why not add dick hahaha yeah and balls too hehe


Didn’t know that suggesting adding clothes so there’s no nudity,makes me a degenerate

Theses times we are living are Weird…

You do realize that the characters don’t have any “private parts”…right?

I’m sorry but this is Literally the dumbest most useless idea that I have ever seen, and no I’m not Exaggerating.

Its all part of the experience

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