Unintentional bugs that work

If you equip a gun to your left hand your guy tposes with the gun held. Shooting makes him instantly hold the gun to standard pose but as soon as the firing animation stops he goes back to tposing. Pretty funny glitch, but almost gives me the feeling of holding the gun at my side and bringing it up to fire, which is something i’ve wanted for a while. (Obviously once you fire he would keep it held up for 10-15 seconds before lowering it again.)

Also, you can reload while aiming, and it’s totally seamless. Looks great, although probably unintentional. I’ve always thought about being to reload/cock the bolt/etc while aiming at a slower speed than doing it at normal hipfire stance, so as to keep your aim if you’re for instance sniping.

One last thing you press a button to aim or reload and such, it does that normally. But when you spam them they constantly restart the animation. I kinda like that, it punished button spammers and forces you to keep your cool during a gunfight. Although reloading is an instant thing and can be interrupted immediately while keeping the new, full mag inside. Might wanna fix that real quick.

Btw, when you do the left hand bug it kinda looks like he’s clapping to shoot. That’s funny. :blush:


Left-handed people are being discriminated that they can’t hold a gun properly, I’m going to report this game for discrimination. >:c


I’m left-handed and this bug makes me REAL ANGERY. smhing my head, nolsen. >:(


I think it t-poses because of the dual wield feature.

Pretty sure it t-poses because that’s the idle stance right now, and when you put it in your left hand it glitches up and doesn’t make you use the gun-holding stance, just the idle stance, probably because it expects a custom stance for dual-wielding them, but one is not available, and falls back on default stance. (T-pose.)

So i mean you’re not wrong.

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