Unity bundletools don't work

Hey guys,

I installed the project and the ExampleAssets files from unturned into unity.
The bundletool appears in unity under the editor file but i can’t find it under “window” on the top of your screen.
If someone knows what i have to do or where i can find it.
Help would be appreciated

If it’s in Blender you have a problem, I don’t even know what exactly you’re referring to there but no.

Once you import Project.unitypackage into your Unity setup it’ll be here:


Oh i meant unity sorry. But i don’t see the Unturned thing under window either.

Ah that’s probably down to the unity version, you’re using something above 2019

You need a version from the 2018.4 LTS branch if I’m not mistaken, I use 2018.4.20f1 with no issues


Tried that but doesn’t work

Like what Crash said for the Unity version but you imported Project.unitypackage, correct?

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I think i imported it correct. But i’ll try on a new project.

It works on a new project. I geuss that solves my problem. Thanks for the help guys!

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