Unlimited ammo command?

Was wondering if there is an unlimited ammo command, saw Nelson do it in a video but I am guessing that was something he could only do on his end as it looked like he brought up another window. But thought I ask anyway. Be nice to just shoot unlimited ammo on shooting range, or anything larger than a 15 round mag.

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No. You can telp /help or /h to view the command list.


sv_infinite_ammo 1


So I used the /help and saw I can spawn items with /item.

I have just been using /item mag556_03 and copy/pasting it into text chat for as many drum magazines as I want. Pretty much unlimited ammo. Lol this whole time on the beta I have been manually filling the 15 round mags that spawn on the shooting range.

This probably is common knowledge to most but for anyone who doesn’t know there ya go.


Updated: /infinite_ammo

gives unlimited ammo, very nice when shooting by yourself on shooting range, instead of reloading mags.


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