Unlimited Plate Carrier?

Found an bug where you are able to carry as much “Plate Carrier” as you want, and even block more damage maybe? Like if we had a 1 Plate Carrier on us with 1 Torso (10,000 armor) and Back (10,000 armor) plates which maximum armor is 20,000 (10,000x2) But if we have 2 “Plate Carriers” on us? Will this armor be a 40,00?? (10,000x4) And even more BASED ON FULL 100% DURABILITY ARMOR PLATE!!


you can wear as much amount of clothes as you want ( all types of clothes)

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I know, but if you will carry as much “Plate Carrier” you want. You’d become an Juggernaut or if unlimited backpack, you just have a unlimited slots

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Its something Nelson hasnt implemented yet. So just chiiiiiill. Its been around ever since we got clothing, its on low priority rn.

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