.unlocker? how do I use/activate it?

I did some research after a previous comment on the .unlocker to unlock unturned official maps for editing, except all the tutorials I have tried dont work. I have tried to rename the text document file but I cant sucessfully get it to work. Anybody know how/ have an updated tutorial?

.unlocker is placed in the main folder of each map you want to edit just to make sure that isn’t an issue.

Renaming an empty text document should work, you just have to make sure that the .txt extension is gone. If you create the file from Notepad, set the type to All Files and the file name should only be .unlocker as in the next screenshot.

And something that will be useful in general: use the Windows search bar to find the “hide known file extensions” setting and set that to never hide them. This should help you figure out if there is just an extra extension on the end without going into the file properties.

I tried renaming a text document to .unlocker, entering it, clicking save as, and then I selected all files. It didn’t work though.

Can you send a screenshot of the folder with the .unlocker in it?

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It sounds like you renamed a file to .unlocker.txt – which would be a text file named “.unlocker”. The file should just be .unlocker instead.

You probably have file extensions hidden, so you’re unable to change the file type of a file just by renaming it. You either have to create the file manually (rather than renaming a different file), or you have to enable viewing file extensions so that you can manually change the file type via renaming a file.

Would this be the easiest method? is there a way I can download this off of a github or something?

It’d be simpler to just enable viewing file extensions. E.g., if you’re on a Windows 11 PC you’d so from the top bar of File Explorer here:

And then changing the file type as a part of you rename the file.

YESSS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! it worked, I didn’t have windows 10 but I found the file name extentions check box. I then deleted the .txt and saved it, It said it may become unstable, but it worked perfectly, sorry I took so long to respond.

Just a generic warning in this case. Extensions tell Windows how to open or run a file so changing it to something invalid won’t change the contents, but you may not be able to open it like before until it is changed back.

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