Unoffical horde mode suggestion thread

Pretty Simple, what do you want to see out of horde mode in the future? can we keep the standard shit of “More guns and attachments!” out though? obviously we’ll get more with time, this is more to the people who have played and want to say what they want out of it.

i’ll start with a few:
A Knife. (prefferably a bayonet) pretty simple, whether you have to pull it out with 2, or having it equipped automatically and press, idk, V to knife, you should have one on spawn equipped so you don’t get a gun asap if you don’t want to. Just make it 1 shot the first wave to build cash, then, here’s where the bayonet part comes in, it can be mounted to a rifle by dragging it onto your rifle.

A lesser melee: your Damn fists. even more simple. small yellow man punch small green zombie. no equip needed. also stock bashing with V if you don’t have a bayonet on a rifle. If i can’t whack a zombie with the buttpad of my sniper rifle, I’m not happy.

Starter pistol: we saw nelson had a glock model a few devlogs iago, give that li’l bitch some function and have us spawn with 3 mags for it!

The main room to be wider: it’s fucking tiny and almost impossible to play in. also more lights. can’t tell people from zombies apart in the darkness. i don’t wanna waste 1 of my 10 Rifle bullets on my pal when i’m downstairs on the first round

Yeah also fix rifle usability on multiplayer. shit’s weird ATM. half the time i need to strip the mag to shoot. given how clunky the UI is for rifle takedown, it NEEDS fixed.

Anyways dump your ideas for stuff below. New tools, useful items, whatever, post an idea! Nelson might look and implement it down the line if you’re lucky, IDK.


more guns and attatchments

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I don’t know if this counts as that but it would be super sick if a mega spawned every five or so rounds. Maybe later on when we have different mutations you could choose the role you want to play (spitter, burner, sprinter, etc.)


to expand on Froggo’s idea of a mega spawning every round, if applicable, the player respawns as a mega zombie with the ability to throw props, ground pound and wipe out players in a single hit. This would make it harder for survivors assuming the person controlling the mega is smarter than the AI.

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I for one would really like a “Ready” system, I’ve been playing horde mode, stocking up on ammo, and all of a sudden a wave swams me because I was still buying magazines and refilling my ammo.

If a Ready feature is a no-no then at least have an indicator that the wave has started, so players are at least ready to be assaulted.

A buy menu would also be nice, perhaps accessible from the Inventory. Would only be accessible between waves. This could be open enough that servers could use this feature for “Stores” to spend store credits on, or as a kit menu.

Regardless of a ready feature being added, something I would love to see is a simple “Wave Overview” before a wave starts, telling the player how many Turned spawn in a wave, Megas and how many special units. (all of which should be player controlled.)

Speaking of Special units… Special units should include the basic Spitter & Burner (Maybe even with flame-spitting like the mega). Crawlers & Sprinters shouldn’t be included in the “Special Units” catagory, as they don’t have a ton of Special abilities besides more health or speed. In general, I’d love to see way more variety. Bring back the Flanker and Spirit zombies from 3.x, but give them new tricks.
Flankers would be able to go transparent, more so than in 3.x, but not completely invisible. Flankers could deal more damage for the first hit after revealing themselves. Flankers could also teleport short distances to get behind players.
Spirit Zombies shouldn’t be completely immune to bullets, instead, they should take reduced damage, maybe only 20-30%, but could absorb bullets, and then fire them back at players all at once, these bullets would do less damage, take longer to travel, have shorter range and worse accuracy.
Now for a completely new type of Zombie, the Trickster. (Patten Pending) The Trickster could potentially create “Clones”, which could either be the classic illusions that disappear after being shot or take no damage and deal no damage, or they could be completely separate entities that can deal damage and have their own health pool, or share a health pool with the original. Another potential ability would be to cause players to have minor hallucination after being attacked by the Trickster, this could be triggered by the Clones or just the original if only the original then this can give the player an easy way to identify which is the original.
Last but not least, meet the Sieger! The Sieger would be able to use techniques that could turn the battle in favour of the Turned. For starters, the Sieger would take reduced damage across the board. The Siegers abilities would include a simple Flash Bang, Shields, Smoke & more. The Purpose of the Sieger would be to break the Unturned’s defences or an anchor for the Turned.

If a player was unlucky enough to not be a Special Unit, due to there not being enough special units in that round compaired to players, a player could control regular Turned, like CS:GO the player would be able to swtich to another bot controlled Turned once they have died. If the Trickster were to be added, the player could even control one of the clones of the Trickster.

I can see a starter pistol being added, so long as it doesn’t have 3 mags.

Yes, I like. Megas could also have special abilities depending on the wave.

I don’t like the idea of letting the player choose what mutations the Mega could have, imo horde mode needs some predictability in terms of the wave’s structure, round 5 should have the same amount and type of turned no matter how many times you play it unless you’re playing on a different map.

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It’s not choosing the mega’s abilities, it’s choosing the type of zombie you play as, if every round was exactly the same it would get boring after a short amount of time.

Maybe the waves could have a timer and you would have 20 seconds till the next wave comes

I also do like the special zombies feature but that would be kind of a pain to deal with given the super small map we have

Maybe a Knife and a starter pistol so if you do a not very stonk and buy 5 shirts your not screwed.

Weapon flashlight pls, i don’t want to be a blind man in the middle of a bears den when i go to get my backpack

please please please please please don’t bring that monstrosity back

That appears in the text chat in the top left.

Wouldn’t that cause massive changes to the difficulty based on how many people you’re playing with, and how many are still survivors?


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