Unofficial MapJam theme vote

This is not an official MapJam affiliated post, but it’s just a little Social Experiment to see what people want to see for themes. I’ve come up with some different themes that can be left to interpretation to see what modders and non-modders would like to see.

  • Time is Relative
  • End of the World
  • Construction
  • Love is Blind
  • Peace and War

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Some of these are borrowed from the Ludum Dare gamejam. Tell me what you think of having themes like this instead of more on the nose and predictable ones


just a Social Experiment bro why you getting so mad bro it’s just a Social Experiment bro why you so mad bro


I can assure you that none of these will be used lmao

Edit: I should probably explain why I think so; the point of having ‘on the nose’ and ‘predictable’ themes is to help newcomers foster some sort of liking to mapping or modding. If we do things that are more specific, it could scare people away, and hinder the creativity of those who want to create. So in the case of the Summer MapJam, the reason the theme is ‘summertime’ and not say, ‘Secluded Forest’, is because its easier to interpret it in a multitude of ways.


well I think your point would be more valid if newcomers were participating.


End of the World

Bro isn’t that just Unturned?

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Not every map is a zombie map

It should of course still be really open ended to allow for creativity.

interesting how the first option is the most chosen.

Because it’s the best one,

Like what kind of theme is “Love is Blind” & “Peace and War”?

Monkey see, monkey do (I don’t know why)
Rather be dead than cool (I don’t know why)
Every line ends in rhyme (I don’t know why)
Less is more, love is blind (I don’t know why)

you a honky mahfuh, i aint jus goan take yo balls, i goan chew them mufahs

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