Untburg racing on new map (maybe next week?)

Anyone up to do some racing on the new map? there are about 10 cars if not more, and I think that would be fun to race with someone next week if anyone signs up for that. Really good road with sharp turns and prob some 2-5 laps. Max speed I achieved was about 140 I belive (just a random thing I achieved while racing solo in this town :D)


I managed to hit 142 km/h but handling past 120 was a nightmare on most sections.

What do you mean.
Is there a new update for U2 that im unaware of
Or what is this

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In Unturned 2? Or are you talking about Elver?

@Suicide_society @The_Berrie-Man
Devlog #38 added in a new map with objects from 3.0, and this is in the UII category so it should be expected that it’s discussing UII.

Update on my previous speed, managed to hit 150 at one part but it takes luck to do. The new map appears to be 800x800 meters as well, that’s ignoring the strips of land outside the square area though.

aahhh nice didn’t see the update. Just saw trello got updated

Totally Will, anyone know where the keys are?

ooh racing yes i’m in!

oops dont got u4

On the ground by the driver’s side of the car. Same as Normal Sandbox.

it would be cool to make a “movie” and post it on youtube, like a fast and the furious

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That would be cool, but we’d need someone willing to sit out of the race to film in spectator.

edit: that is unless we have everyone record their perspective and pool the footage together which would be one hell of a hassle.

Depends when

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