Unturned 2.0 question

So in 2.0 there were guns that were not transfer to 3.0 they was on gun name regmation or something can’t spell the gun name but for some reason my brother found the gun and i try to find it in 2.0 there was not gun so was that gun the blunt force or no this was a long time ago so and am just here to ask this question.
Oh also please note when i was like young around 9 he got the gun so yea this was a long time ago.

Most guns in 3.0 are not in 2.0, and vice versa. You may not be able to find a certain gun from 3.0 in 2.0.

Lever Action and Novuh didn’t get into the game

I think Outfield too, but it’s probably merged with Mosen to create Schofield