Unturned 2 Bulldog/uzi concept

though the modelling didn’t take too long the textures were a bit bothersome

hey nelson, call me :call_me_hand:
jk im still in school


i will try making a first person animation for it the next time i have some time to waste

christ what timezone you livin in?

anyways, i really like the model.

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i meant more like in the school system.
its 12:06 at the night for me

You could probably do some height or bump maps for the model

good suggestion but i have no idea how to do that

Minor thing, the Uzi doesn’t have a side-folding stock.


It’s the Mini-Uzi that has the stock you’re using.

i am fully aware of that,

(taken from wiki)

its not really a mini or a full size uzi, so lets just call it artistic liberty

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