Unturned 2 Car concept in Roblox


Yes, a sedan

Edit: Japan map confirmed

Decal Link: https://www.roblox.com/library/868903013/a-bodypillow


Didn’t use the original Deadzone vehicles.




original game is “The streets”

Yes, The pillow isn’t even bypassed, so roblox allowed that neckbeard to upload to Roblox.


sir you need to get off roblox

ambus is better than your filthy waifu anyways


I won’t ever let go of Roblox HISSS


Hmmm yes Momiji is indeed worthy of an Unturned skin.




Plz stop posting robux screenshots and deem them as mamas.

It’s not funni. It’s burns my eyes. /s


Get out of here Stalker.


Your saying that Unturned skin’s should be like full-outfit fortnite inspired characters lol


You can’t stop me



Me when I see people wearing anime-inspired skins (Help I can’t stop being ironic)


Your a wise person of your words indeed


Tbh this post makes me kinda sad, as ROBLOX is supposed to be a game directed at younger audiences, and seeing this would definitely make me wonder what game I’m even playing.


Since I’ve been a Roblox veteran for half a decade, I think that it’s more of a deviant engine to poke fun than to educate.

It is also a good way to start game developing.




Wtf even is this? New military clothing?


Dude, It says NASA on it.


Oh, okay (ten characters filled)


i was responding to torrasque DUMMY HEAD. some people smh my head