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Hello! When I logged in today, I saw the item “Invitation” in my unturned inventory, then I saw “Unturned 2” in my steam library. I gladly downloaded it, but when I opened the game I got the error “dx11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine”. My video card supports it, but I get the same error in all games. Although I am correcting, I am taking it. I saw that Unturned 2 will be better than before, if you normally get 30fps it will be 40-50fps. Please reduce the graphics card support. All my enthusiasm is gone … I apologize for my bad English because I am a Turk.
I told my problem about Nelson gmail but I wanted to ask you.

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this problem can be connected with your pc specs only, not with the game + you didn’t even mention your specs.


Ignore what @NeverPlayPubg said about specifications. I recently had to deal with an issue where a GPU supported a certain feature but games wouldn’t use it. What is your GPU? Integrated or dedicated graphics?

Even though you said that it supports it, you may have to either upgrade your display drivers or roll them back to an older version. With my first laptop I had an issue similar to this except it was with a feature that Minecraft needed to run. The “most recent” driver removed support for the feature while a much older OEM driver did support it.


ok Engineer good job

This, probably.

ati radeon hd 4300/hd 4500 series, dx11
Supports Version according to settings

Do you happen to know what driver version you have?
Actually nevermind about that. From what I’ve found it supports at most DirectX 10.1, not 11.

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