Unturned 2 main menu concept



A bit too simplistic imo, and i dislike the stock icons, especially the irl-human-esque Singleplayer/Multiplayer ones. I do like the color and transparency though. Is that News window supposed to be re-sizeable?



Arial should still be the main font in UII. It’s like a legacy thing.


Good idea but I do agree its kinda simple, and looks like an app.


Yeah I also think it is a bit too simple.


What? Arial? Preposterous!


I beg your pardon, you dishonorable sir…

What were you saying?


Nothing much.

Don’t worry about it


so funny story,

i was curious and had an idea that Arial was part of undertale or something like that, so i decided to look it up,


its just a terrible fanfic of sans long lost fuckin sister


That wasn’t mine. Jk’s on you again, lol.

@TophatPesky okay dud, what the hell? Please explain, Corporal.


yeah so here it is, something somebody made, on the internet.


Reality is often disappointing.


Now give me a reason to not smack your face with a downgrade…


no its not souposed to be resizble lol


Why the necropost


damn gotta love the soup posing right?
Heard she made front cover on the market magazine today


lol 10 char


Then maybe it shouldn’t have those little tabs at the edges.

also nice necro


i think the blue thingy that the text like settings, multiplayer etc is set in should be square, tbh round things dont really seem to fit as good in unturned 2