Unturned 2 mutated zombie concept (what do u guys think)


Too detaild for unturned ,and wtf is this? Im not going to sleep after seeing that.


lol , ur right bit too detailed

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Nice sculpting


So it’s just the bread monster from TF2 Expiration Date

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umm i dont think they look quite the same xd

The sculpting and detail is pretty good, but it’s definitely not Unturned material.
It’s pretty good, but out of place. Like most workshop mods for 3.0.


it looks like a headcrab mixed with a cheese block

actually my bad,

It looks like somebody took a dead headcrab and an ordinary cheese block,
fused the two together
gave it a brain
and here we

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@darkySp im working on an other more fitting model and i will post her when im done with it

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looks like a zombie stuck to the wall, I’d love environmental zombies

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