Unturned 2 official servers

So we all know there will be some official servers in unt2 I wanted to ask how much is it going to cost or should cost? and how much would u pay for an official server

I don’t think the official servers wil be for sale
Official servers mean servers hosted by Unturned so no Admin abuse etc

I think there wil still be 3rd party hosters where you can buy/rent servers

Like how Battlefield works it has tons of official servers
And then you get company’s where you can rent your own server

this is not the question

How much to play on the official servers?

I think you will get to play on official servers if you buy the premium pass for unturned, so id guess somewhere around 5€ but nothing has really been confirmed yet

The price is unknown at the moment. Gotta wait til he releases his plans on server upkeep.

Around 5 bucks is likely the minimum, and it might be 10 bucks on some circumstances (Compensated by a possible gold DLC discount if owned in the 1st game). But at the end, who really knows.


no thanks, seperate games and seperate transactions

It’s basically giving more reward to the people who bought gold in the first place. A single transaction can be used to get things in both games all the time. Also, it’s only a discount, it doesn’t make it free.

mind giving an example?

In call of duty if you played the previous years game and bought the season pass or preordered you get a themed calling card in the next years game.

if you bought and beat the destiny 1 dlc campaigns you got emblems in the second game

Games do stuff like this all the time

well yeet I guess

Nelson confirmed that only Gold members Wil be able to join Official servers
And that unturned 4.0s gold membership Wil be a bit more expensive then 3.0
But everyone who owns a gold membership in 3.0 Wil pay half the price in 4.0 (or something like that)

where in the world did you get that information…


As Yarr implied above, that is all misleading.

  • There has been no mention of Gold DLC for U4. Gold (in U4) may or may not be a thing. As of right now, the only “DLC” planned is an Official Server Pass. This pass is planned to grant players access into the official servers.

  • There is no price point for the Official Server Pass yet. It may cost the same as U3’s Gold DLC. It may cost less. It may cost more. It could use Steam’s “Subscription-based” system, and be a monthly payment. As of right now, there is no price point.

  • People with U3’s Gold DLC may or may not get some sort of benefit in U4. One of the things that has been considered is early access to one of the next demo builds, but it’s also possible that Nelson will just release the next demo to everyone. Gold users may get a discount coupon, or “cosmetics”, but none of that has really ever been definite or described in detail.

If you meant the Official Server Pass when you referred to “Gold membership” in U4, then yeah. Only people with the server pass can join official servers. Aside from that, stuff regarding price points hasn’t been confirmed (and monetization isn’t the top priority for the game, in its current state).

Once the game has a fully-public playable build, then that information will start to become more prevalent.

Whoever owns Insurgency (not MIC) gets a 10% discount for Insurgency: Sandstorm

Read through the devlogs
It’s there

Well you just skipped through molt debunking your post…

None of what you said is ‘confirmed’. I’m certain because I’ve skimmed through every devlog when it comes up and re-read it everytime in case of reference. There’s only a mention of a server pass discount for 3.0 gold DLC owners, but never says it halves the price of the pass. As for the rest, there’s no ‘Only gold users can join official servers’ and ‘Server pass will be more expensive than 3.0 gold dlc’.

I’m saying that the post sounds misleading


Sorry if it sounds misleading

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